About These Potential Smartisms

I think that everything is connected and everything you read in the newspaper has an explicit narrative, but the underlying events themselves are dictated by incentives, supply and demand, and trade-offs both intended and unintended. Sometimes simple things happen in real life that can be used as a handy example to learn lessons from complicated things that happen in real life (how’s that for vague?). Sometimes traditionally interesting things (like sports) can provide awesome lessons for traditionally boring things (like finance and politics) so that we can learn without wanting to off ourselves. Looking at things in isolation is a great way to make catastrophic mistakes both on a macro and micro level.

These Potential Smartisms will try and generalize the specific where possible, distill down economic mumbo jumbo into Super Mario hitting stuff with a hammer metaphors, and wherever possible try and link everything together. I love feedback and co-contributors so get at me if anyone reading this has comments or wants to talk about stuff.

Alex McDougall


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